Master Martial Arts

Master Martial Arts

Want fun kickboxing likeĀ Turbo Jam, the boot-camp world of Tae Bo or the self-defence progression with karate? No matter what you prefer, there’s something perfect for you. Browse the options below to see a taster of what’s available. Before deciding whether Martial Arts is for you, read through the pros and cons.

The Positive…

  • Big Calorie Burn – Burn approx 100 calories in 10 minutes! Make that calorie deficit every day with ease.
  • Fast pace – No messing around. Get straight down to business. Even warm-ups can be tough!
  • Variety – Different punches and kicks to work the body from all angles. Never get bored!
  • Multi-task – Arm and leg exercises work the abs too. Get a six pack or tight, sexy abs without getting on the floor. That’s right! No more dreaded crunches…
  • You’re In Control – Serious or light-hearted? Train or have fun? Workout at bootcamp or workout to music? Do it alone or join a class? Your workout is in your hands.
  • No equipment – Your body is your equipment. Nothing else is required.
  • Progression – Start a karate class and work your way to black belt status.
  • Self-defence – If necessary, you’ll have the skills to protect yourself…

The Negative…

  • Pain – Learn correct form or risk painful injuries. Even if you’re having fun, always pay attention!
  • Counting – Punching and kicking to music is always fun, but counting down Bootcamp style can be robotic. Sometimes groovy music suits Dance better.
  • Repetition – Doing karate’s katas over and over again gets old over time. Repetition helps you master them, but some lack variety.

Martial Arts unleashes your mental and physical strength’s fullest potential. Few other workouts shred calories like this, so Martial Arts is PERFECT for busting a plateau in 7 days. Your body won’t know what hit it! Featuring some of the toughest moves around, Martial Arts will push your mind and body to the limit in record time.