Strong Strength Training

Strong Strength Training

Cardio (Martial Arts, Dance, Aerobics, Walk, etc burns fat off, but Strength Training builds and tones the muscle left behind. When skin loses fat and isn’t filled with muscle, it’s more likely to sag. Fill saggy skin with sleek, strong muscle to get a hot celebrity body.

The Positive…

  • Tailored To You – By changing the number of repetitions, you determine whether you’ll build bigger, stronger or bigger and stronger muscles. Achieve whatever look you want!
  • Variety – Body weights, dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, weight machines, and much more. Work your body in different ways every day!
  • Shorter Workouts – Lifting heavy weights and shorter rest periods increases the heart rate, which makes Strength Training aerobic. This means a short but intense Strength Training workout could double up as strength and cardio training.
  • Affordable Now… – Light weights and resistance bands are cheap. If you can’t afford them right now, use cans of food, water bottles, and your own bodyweight e.g. push ups, sit ups, squats.

The Negative…

  • Expensive Later… – Light weights and bands are cheap, but heavier sets cost a lot more.
  • Tough – To progress and get stronger, the weights, resistance bands, etc have to get heavier over time. Stick with the same resistance for too long and you’ll stall.
  • Complicated – Advice on the best exercises, number of repetitions and sets, speed of workouts, and rest periods varies. 3 sets of 10 or 1 set to “failure”? 8 reps or 15? 1 or 2 seconds to lift? 30 seconds rest or no rest periods at all?

Many women are too scared to do strength training because they’re worried about ‘bulking up’. This only happens if you’re gaining muscle AND lots of fat. You won’t be doing that because you’re either losing weight, maintaining or gaining weight slowly to minimise fat gain. Just focus on lifting those weights and watch your body evolve. The scale might not show the desired results, but the mirror and measuring tape will.

You should have started strength training BEFORE you met your goal weight – to preserve muscle mass while you lost fat – but it’s not too late to start now. Choose  a strength training routine and then continue with the other 10 things to do at your goal weight. Keep up the hard work to maintain your healthy weight forever!