Winning Walk

Winning Walk

Easy, quick, and free! Walking and Dance are the only exercises you can start RIGHT NOW. Get up, play your favourite tunes, and walk. Walking is one of the best fat burning exercises we can all do. There’s no excuse when it comes to walking. Best-selling DVD series Walking Away The Pounds shows how effective and popular walking for weight loss is.

The Positive….

  • Free – No equipment, gym membership, classes or special workout clothes necessary! You don’t need anything.
  • Quick – Other workouts have set up time, for example, Yogis need their Yoga mat ready for those floor exercises. Walking can take place anytime anywhere. Get up and walk straight away.
  • All Ages – Every age group will find walking doable. Kids and the elderly won’t be put off by complicated routines because people walk everyday.
  • Fat Burning – Yes, a brisk walk is the ideal weapon of choice against fat. Walk to make sure the calories burned are fat, not muscle, water or carbs.
  • Easy – We’ve been walking since we were babies, so it’s easy to pick up this exercise. One foot in front of the other and you’re off!
  • Safe – No worries about correct form or confusing equipment.

The Negative…

  • Low Calorie Burn – There’s lots of fat burning whilst walking, but few calories are burned. If you’re creating a calorie deficit strictly through exercise, do other exercises in addition to walking. Burning approx 150-200 calories per hour walking daily could take almost 7 weeks to lose a pound.
  • Brisk Walks Only – A nice stroll through the park isn’t exercise. Walk quickly to increase your heart rate and burn more calories. Keep up the quick pace! An easy walk with rest periods isn’t good enough unless you’re very heavy/unfit, old or physically impaired.

Why not walk right now? It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or the workplace. Get up and walk somewhere. If you’re at home, play your favourite music and walk on the spot. If you’re at work, go for a brisk walk around the block. Get lots of little walks in wherever you can. The calorie burn will add up over time. Even better, walking will ease away any stress because it’s a great time to think, so use walking and many other ways to prevent binge or overeating episodes.