You and Yoga/Powerful Pilates

You and Yoga/Powerful Pilates

Mind. Body. Soul. The perfect combination of body weight training and stretching. The best Yoga/Pilates resources come with meditation exercises to ease tension on stressful days. Yoga and Pilates are NOT the same. Yoga is total body while Pilates revolves around the ‘core’ (abs, chest, etc) before anywhere else. If you’re not sure which one to choose, why not try both? If you’re an expert in one, it might be time to start practising the other.

The Positive…

  • Mental – Other exercises focus solely on the body, but Yoga and Pilates highlight the importance of the mind. Holding Yoga poses allows the mind to focus on positive energy, so your body AND mind feel refreshed after each workout.
  • Slow Pace – If you’re a slow learner, Yoga and Pilates are perfect for you. Their gentle pace means you’ve got lots of time to change position and learn correct form.
  • Increase Flexibility  – It’s surprising how flexible we can be. Start realising your body’s fullest potential today!
  • Boost Other Exercises – The increased flexibility will also improve your performance in other workouts. For instance, in Martial Arts you’ll be able to kick higher safely with more flexible legs.
  • Yogalates – The perfect marriage of Yoga and Pilates. Save time by getting the best of both worlds in one workout!
  • Beginner to Advanced – Start with beginner bodyweight exercises, progress to intermediate small equipment like resistance bands, and then reach your peak with high class, advanced Pilates machines.

The Negative…

  • Low Calorie Burn – Kickboxing burns approx 150 calories in 15 mins. Yoga/Pilates burns the same amount in ONE HOUR. If you’re creating a calorie deficit strictly through exercise (instead of eating less too) then expect very slow weight loss i.e. AT LEAST 7 weeks to lose 1 lb.
  • Expert Tutoring Is Vital- It’s easy to injure yourself doing Yoga/Pilates. A pose might look easy when someone else does it, but the exercise could be too advanced for you. Go too far too soon or perform the pose incorrectly and you’ll hurt yourself.

I’m not a major fan of yoga or pilates, but I love when they end with an amazing meditation session. Through visualisation and deep breathing, meditation helps ease your mental and physical pain. After less than ten minutes, I feel rejuvenated like a heavy load has been lifted from my shoulders.