20 Ways To Stop Overeating Right Now

20 Ways To Stop Overeating Right Now

Now you’ve identified which kind of binge eater you are, you can figure out what triggers your binge episode. Sadly, you won’t always be able to avoid those triggers. One day they’ll strike and the urge to binge might return…If it does, you must be prepared.

Below you’ll find 20 ways to stop overeating right now!

If you’re ¬†binge eating today, this article still applies to you – it’s never too late to stop! Continuing will only make things worse when you weigh or measure yourself later.

  1. Deep Breathing – Slow down and remain calm. Soon you’ll be able to think more clearly.
  2. Drink Water – Fill your stomach so there’s less/no room for food.
  3. Face Your Fear – Overeating to ease stress won’t help. Your problems will still be there!
  4. Exercise – You’ll feel so good that you won’t want to ruin your mood by overeating.
  5. Walk It Off – The fresh air and good weather will ease any stress.
  6. Ditch The Temptation – Throw out any tempting food. Next time, buy one piece of it or go without.
  7. Be Rewarded – Outline the rewards you’ll get for not overeating e.g. new shoes if you don’t binge for two weeks.
  8. Save Money – Binge eating is expensive. Remember your finances before you clear out the fridge!
  9. Motivate Yourself – Find out how success stories and collages will motivate you to success.
  10. The Best Seasoning Ever – Hunger. True hunger. Food tastes great when you’re hungry.
  11. Dear Binge Eater – Write an ‘I promise not to overeat‘ letter to yourself. Read it everyday.
  12. Count Calories – Tracking your calorie intake makes you accountable. There’s nowhere to hide!
  13. Feel Good Now, Feel Bad Later – Overeating feels good now, but you’ll regret it later.
  14. Imagine The Scale – Overeat today and the scale WILL rise tomorrow. You’ll be further from your goal weight!
  15. Dear Diary – Update your diary or journal. Venting your frustrations makes them easier to resolve.
  16. Support Groups – There’s always someone else who’s been there. Don’t be afraid to get help!
  17. Diet Break – Take a break from weight loss or weight gain until you’ve improved your relationship with food.
  18. Hate The Fat – Write down/look over every reason why you HATE being fat.
  19. Love The Fit – Write down/look over every reason why you LOVE being fit, healthy, and slim.
  20. Binge Tomorrow Instead – Stay on track today, overeat tomorrow. Remember, tomorrow never comes…

Please share these tips with other binge eaters by linking to this page! Add your own ideas to the list, and write them down so you won’t forget. Aim to work through the entire list before you let yourself overeat. Don’t assume any method won’t work – of course it won’t work unless you try!

Every time you beat a binge, you get stronger until one day the urge to overeat fades…There’s no guarantee it’ll completely go away forever, but you CAN gain control over it. Keep fighting! Successful weight maintenance requires careful planning so you’ll be prepared for what’s to come. Click¬†here to see what other problems you’ll encounter on your weight maintenance journey.

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