You’ll Never Be Normal

You’ll Never Be Normal

 Since you’re in the Regain section, something must be wrong…What happened?

Bad habits crept back in? Did the holiday season knock you off track? Had any binge episodes? Stress get in the way of being healthy? Maybe calorie counting was swapped with overeating? Was water replaced with sugary fruit juices and alcohol? Or did you watch TV instead of exercising? For whatever reason, you ditched your healthy lifestyle and went backwards. Now you’ve paid the price.

So what now? Start again, but first you must accept that you’ll NEVER be normal. If you don’t, you’ll always be in danger of regaining again. Always remember that you’re not normal.

What do I mean by ‘normal’?

I mean you’ll never be like naturally skinny or slim people. They weren’t born with the natural tendency to gain weight. They weren’t born with more body fat cells. They don’t have to watch portions, drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, do cardio sessions, and perform strength training. They don’t log scale or measuring tape readings. Their clothes don’t get tighter and tighter until they’ve got nothing to wear. They are different from you. You are different from them.

It’s not fair, is it?

Too bad.

You’ll NEVER be normal. I’ll NEVER be normal. We’ll always be different.

Get upset. Get mad. Get over it.

Even when the compliments stop and people get used to you being slim, you’ll still be different. Just because you’re skinny outside, always remember that those fat cells mean you’re still different inside. Your mind can forget how things used to be, but your body never will. Maintain your positive mindset and your weight by keeping healthy habits in check and never looking down on fat people. You used to be there, remember?

You’ll never be normal. That’s just the way it is. You have to accept this and move on to being healthy again. You can try Intuitive Eating if you want more flexibility, but even then you’ll have to work hard until your eating habits are truly intuitive and natural. Remember that your body has been fat and doesn’t mind being fat again. Don’t let the scale creep up! You shouldn’t live in fear, but always keep an eye on things, just in case…