Cutting Fitness: Skinny Fat is the New Black!

Cutting Fitness: Skinny Fat is the New Black!

Time for a Cutting Fitness exclusive!

At a secret location, which will remain a secret, insiders in the fashion industry revealed the latest craze to sweep the world. You DON’T want to miss this…

After years promoting the ‘Does she have an eating disorder?’ look on the catwalk, the fashion world has done a u-turn. Sources say fashion icons want to unite supermodels and the Average Joe by combining the modelling world’s underweight preference with society’s obesity epidemic. The result?


“What is skinny fat?” you ask (or not if you’re a smarty-pants).

‘Skinny Fat’ describes someone who is skinny and fat. Duh! Skinny fat people have too much body fat, but you can’t tell from outside their bodies, especially when they’re fully clothed. They’re jiggly like stereotypical fat people, but small like slim people. Skinny outside, fat inside. If you’re skinny fat, fear not! Skinny Fat is the New Black!

Don’t be skinny! Don’t be fat! Be skinny fat!

Being small and flabby is GREAT this season. Saggy arms are better than Michelle Obama’s defined ones. Who wants slender thighs when their legs could wobble and smack together instead? A flat defined stomach is nice, but fat rolls when you bend over are MUCH better.

“How do you get the skinny fat look?” you ask.

If you stop interrupting and let me finish, I’ll tell you…

1. Lose muscle mass

High muscle mass and low body fat create those gorgeous, ripped, toned, slender bodies bodybuilders, athletes, and your favourite celebrities show off. To be skinny fat we need the opposite look! Skinny fat requires removing muscle mass from the equation so your body is mostly fat.

Muscle + Low fat = Tone, definition, and a darn sexy body! Meow!

Body – Muscle = Skinny fat (wobbly, fat, saggy, fat, flabby, fat)

The best way to keep the fat and lose the muscle is by not strength training. ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’ – the same goes for your muscles. If you don’t work them, the body burns them off when you lose weight. Goodbye and good riddance! You don’t want them taking up unnecessary space and making your heavier. Get rid!

Next, go cardio crazy! 30 minutes of aerobics is cute, but 3 hours on the treadmill is dedication. If you’ve got an impossible deadline then you’re already exercising for hours a day to meet your target, but there’s always room for more, more, MORE! The cardio will burn lots of fat AND muscle. A brilliant 2 for 1 deal!

2. Focus on BMI

The BMI only considers two factors: height and weight. To be more accurate, measure body fat, hip to waist ratio, blah, blah, blah. Too complicated and far too boring! Skinny fat requires being a healthy weight for your height, so the BMI is all you need. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still obese in terms of body fat or at risk of heart failure with regards to your hip to waist ratio. Remember, it’s skinny fat, not skinny healthy!

A low weight = skinny.

A high body fat percentage = fat.

Skinny + fat = Fat skinny, also known as skinny fat


3. Cut out fat

Believe it or not, you must eat fat to lose fat. I know that sounds dumb, but it’s true. This is why you should cut out all fat – yes, ALL of it – when you’re close to your goal weight otherwise you’ll end up skinny slim or skinny skinny.

Low fat isn’t good enough because ‘low’ doesn’t equal ‘no’. Yes, some products with no fat go overboard on the sugar/carbohydrates, but that’s good because carbs fuel those marathon cardio sessions! See how everything works out?

Follow those three steps to be skinny fat in time for the summer/school reunion/bikini shoot/next month! No strength training means you’ll be weaker, hours of cardio will exhaust you, and cutting out your favourite meals because they’ve got fat will suck. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Trust me, I’ve tried.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Fitness: Skinny Fat is the New Black!

  1. First time checking out your site. You have such a great writing style, fun but informative at the same time. Is it really possible for diet and exercise tips to be fun though?

    Good analysis on being skinny fat. I’m wondering if this can be just as bad as being obese due to the likelihood that this excess fat could be visceral fat. From a health perspective, appearance isn’t always everything!

  2. Hi, Dave! Society only cares when the fat is on the outside. As long as you can still wear a string bikini, no one minds if your heart is being suffocated by internal body fat. Overweight = naughty. Overfat but small = yay!

    By the way, I went to Dave’s blog. His articles make sense, he responds to comments, AND he produced a free e-book on fat loss! Then he comes here and compliments me. What a bad experience.

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