Small Calorie Deficit, Small Weight Loss

Small Calorie Deficit, Small Weight Loss

Another post in my personal ‘Last Ten Pounds’ series…

After a New Years’ Day binge, I returned to weight loss mode in overdrive. My exercise sessions dramatically increased overnight – I went from burning 400-500 calories a session to 600-800 calories. Why lose 1lb a week when you can lose more? Lose weight and forget about the possible consequences! Fast weight loss meant I’d meet my goal next month. All I had to do was burn massive amounts every day until I met my goal. Huge calorie deficits would mean huge weight loss. Simple, right?

VERY wrong. My weight loss stalled and has refused to drop since then. I tried eating and exercising less, but my body says, “Nope.” Right now I’m focusing on strength training, so I get to eat more to feed the muscle, and repair it after the massive calorie deficits I’ve had recently. I’m also eating 300-500 calories more than in the past. So far, it hasn’t worked. I started on Monday and today is Friday – my weight is almost the same. At least I’m not gaining, so hopefully I’ll be able to maintain closer to 1800 calories when I reach my goal. Hopefully.

I will return to weight loss mode today, but burn less and eat more. This completely goes against the Eat Less, Move More manifesto spread around, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Having a small calorie deficit means small weight loss each week. My usual pound a week loss will drop to half a pound, assuming this new calorie intake range works. The weight loss might stop altogether if my body decides to focus on muscle gain, but the inches (fat) loss should continue.

What can we learn from this?

Just because the numbers add up it doesn’t mean your body will play along. Rushing to meet your goal weight by changing what works is a BAD idea. If things are working, leave them be. When things stop working, make changes. My impatience means my goal deadline has gone from April to June. Better late than never, I suppose…Still, I won’t give up. I WILL meet my goal weight. It doesn’t matter whether it’s June or December. I’ll meet it.

For now, all I can do is wait and see.