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5 Reasons Why’re YOU Will NEVER Be Wealthy

5 Reasons Why’re YOU Will NEVER Be Wealthy

You’re not wealthy, obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You’ve been looking online for the quick fix solution to inject some cash into your account. Scam people? Nah, you’re too nice. Internet marketing? Harder than it looks. Besides, the marketers get richer, the readers get poorer. Article writing? For $2 an hour, not! Virtual assistant? If you’re female, white, blonde, blue-eyed, young, and gorgeous. Who wants ugly people doing their bookkeeping?

Honestly, you could try all that more, but you’re not going to. If you already tried, you gave up after a few days, weeks, maybe a month or two. Why? Because of the 5 reasons why you’ll always be broke, the same 5 reasons why you will NEVER be wealthy. When others achieve wealth and you never do, you no longer have to wonder why.

I’m about to tell you why.

Can you handle the truth?

Read on to find out.

First reason, you play the blame game…

The evil bankers. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” The Man. The Machine.  “It’s all about looks.” Uncle Sam.”You need money to make money.” Your parents/school/country never taught you about money. The Recession. The Depression.

treasure chest  behind door
Keep looking…

Blah, blah, blah.

There is one person you ALWAYS forget to blame…You!

If you stay broke, it’s your own fault. Sure, people have tough times. Someone gets fired, gets sick, dies, etc. No matter what, the point is that when you fall down, you get back up.

You didn’t. That’s YOUR fault.

Whatever happens, there’s hope. No matter how dark it is, there’s always a tiny spark, or the tools to create one.

But you won’t use those tools because you’re too busy blaming others. Even when changes affect others too, you take it personally.

That’s your ego.

YOU will NEVER be wealthy because you always blame others. Doing so takes power away from you and gives it to “them”. Then you wait for them to change instead of you. They never change. Neither do you.

Which is just great for a lazy person like you.

Yes. I’m talking to you. Yes, you’re lazy. No, I won’t retract that.

Remember those “money making” jobs I mentioned. Guess what? They work. People out there are making a living doing that and more, but all the money-making jobs you tried didn’t work.

No, it wasn’t because of the System, Recession, Illuminati.

Again, it was YOU.

YOU will NEVER be wealthy because you’re lazy.

Being lazy is easy. You just do nothing and wait for everything to change. Remember the blame game? Yeah, lazy people expect everything to just work out by itself, or do the bare minimum necessary.

Using the article writing as an example, lazy people join job bid websites. They do some pointless tests for a pointless badge of “honour” then bid $2 for a job that could take hours. Why? Well, the alternative is harder. Cold calls and emails (no, not spam), a website with excellent samples, networking, job alerts, etc take effort. Compared to writing “Please, hire me!” over and over on bid sites, it’s too much work, for lazy people.

Plus the blame game still applies.

You didn’t win the bid because writers don’t earn a living from writing, buyers are too cheap, foreign workers always bid lower, too much competition…or maybe your lazy side couldn’t be bothered to job search like the writers who earn $250 per hour.

But job searching like them would take too much time. You’re broke. You need money NOW, not in three months. You’d rather earn $2 now than wait a month for $200.

Yes, the third reason why YOU will NEVER be wealthy is because you’re an impatient, short-term thinker.

You never commit. You jump from fad to fad to fad. Day after week after month after year, you’re looking for instant gratification. If two people offer you work, one says you’ll earn $5 an hour by tomorrow, the other says you’ll earn $50 an hour in six months, you’d take the $5. In your mind, $5 is better than $0. You forget that $50 is better than $5. Sure, you could do both, but you won’t because you’re lazy.

Lazy people don’t continue their education or better their work skills to earn a raise. They don’t work extra hard finding higher paying clients. They don’t mix multiple income streams to boost their income. They don’t invest in long-term options like shares, publishing novels, starting their own business. Nope.

Anything that makes money long-term requires work. Short-term people don’t look past this month. That’s why they settle for earning enough to pay this month’s expenses. Then when they get sick, they’re screwed. When the breadwinner dies, they’re screwed. When the boss dishes out a pay cut, they’re screwed.

Fate, the devil, circumstance, whatever and whoever can easily destroy a short-term thinker.

All because you were too lazy to plan ahead.

And scared.

The fourth reason why YOU will NEVER be wealthy is because you’re scared it won’t work out.

Failure can be embarrassing. People saw your attempts and know nothing came of it. They saw the pain, but no glory. Now they can point and laugh. Now they can say, “I told you so…” Now they’ve got a good excuse for doing nothing themselves.

Screw all that.

Stay where you are. Do nothing. Avoid success by failing on purpose.

Yes, on purpose.

The biggest reason why YOU will NEVER be wealthy is because you don’t want to be.

That’s why you moan about not having enough money, yet spend hundreds a year on alcohol, junk food, hair, nails, designer gear, parties, and the list goes on…If you really were broke, or needed extra cash, well, you’ve got it.

But you don’t keep it.

That’s the real problem. When you get money, you spend it. ASAP. Why? Because each paycheck makes you wealthier. Then you’ve lost your excuse about not having the money to start. Even with the bills paid, the amount left is potential investment.

But you don’t invest it.

Well, actually, you DO invest it…in someone else. In their business, which makes them money to pay their bills, to put their kids through school, and invest in their family’s dreams.

And what about yours?

Who cares?

You don’t, so why should anyone else?

That’s why you waste money instead of saving up for something big. Even $5 a month adds up to something big. But you won’t do it. You’ll keep spending that money on what some would call “crap”, and expect your wealth to appear by itself.

So, continue on as you are. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep putting your money in someone else’s pocket. That’ll make sure YOU will NEVER be wealthy, and THEY will NEVER be broke.

P.S. If this piece made you angry, good. It means you’re ready to change.

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