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How NOT To…Publish

How NOT To…Publish

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Finally, the book no one was waiting for! Zada Green’s How NOT To…Publish. Authors, are you Silvia Sloth or Rachel Redraft? Readers, are you Samuel Snob or Harper High Rating? Editors, are you Fabio Fad or Renee Rewrite? Here’s THE guide to personalities that’ll kill publishing careers before they even start. If you relate to them, you’re in trouble…

How NOT to…SUCCEED – 20 Easy Tips!

How NOT to…SUCCEED – 20 Easy Tips!

Success is hard. Really hard. It can happen in a split second. Or a lifetime. Sometimes it never happens at all.

Sucks, doesn’t?

It’s okay, though, because there are 20 great ways to avoid the disappointment of not succeeding.

Yes. I’m talking about failing on purpose.

Failure is easy. That’s why so many people do it. By aiming to fail, you can finally succeed…but at failure.

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See? Failing is easy!

You might think I’ve gone mad. “Why fail on purpose?” you ask. “So I’ll never achieve my goals?”

Yes. Never.

Think about it. Succeeding requires blood, sweat and tears. Goals to achieve. Targets to meet. Intense focus. Sacrifice. Lots of sacrifice. People say it’s worth it, but those people are success stories. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

So, just let go…Give up…Give in…Whatever it is you’ve been aiming for, wishing for, stop. Accept that it’ll never happen. Move back to square one.

But it’s not that easy, is it?

Suddenly failing seems hard. You’ve got all those good habits to ditch e.g. committing to goals, planning, etc. That’s why you need help going backwards. I’m here for you. Together, we can break away from the journey to success and fall back into miserable failure. It’s so much easier in that place.

So, here is a summary of the 20 ways how NOT to succeed. Look over them and pinpoint where you going right, and repent. It’s not too late to go backwards. You’ve done it before. You can do it again. This time, it’ll be for good.

In no particular order, because I’m too lazy to do it:

2. Give up.
7. Be a pessimist.
13. Be money hungry.
20. Don’t plan.
17. Be jealous.
12. Be unmotivated.
4. Blame others.
19. Depend on others.
15. Be scared.
1. Be a saboteur.
18. Ignore leaders.
8. Think short-term.
3. Get a quick fix.
14. Forget the past.
5. No goals.
16. Unrealistic goals.
11. Find distractions.
6. Do nothing.
10. Follow fads.
12. Lower your standards..

See? Over time, each heading will link to more info. Proceed through all 20 to end your journey to success for good.

Always remember these amazing words: Failure IS an option.

They are amazing words because I sent them straight from my heart to yours. For free.

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