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Should you start today or tomorrow?

Should you start today or tomorrow?

Whenever we fall off the wagon, whether it’s hair, weight, work or any other goals we’ve set, we tell ourselves that everything will be all right. Tomorrow we will start afresh. Of course, tomorrow never comes. The next day, we talk about tomorrow again. The following day, we pin our hopes on tomorrow again. This goes on and on until weeks, months or even years have passed.

Do not start tomorrow. Start today!

I don’t care if you’ve eaten WAY over your daily calories. Regroup and get back on track TODAY. I don’t care if you woke up feeling really negative. Clear your head and be more positive TODAY. I don’t care if you’ve outlined your schedule and have promised to start it tomorrow. Get pumped up and start TODAY.

You never know what excuses you’ll conjure up if you wait another 24hrs. Maybe you’ll be too tired. Maybe you’ll be under the weather. Maybe you’ll have too much work to do. Maybe, maybe, maybe. At least you can be certain about today. Starting small today will lead on to bigger things tomorrow.

What have YOU been putting off until tomorrow?

Whatever it is, there’s no time like the present.