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7 Weeks to Glory – Motivation System Summary Recap

7 Weeks to Glory – Motivation System Summary Recap

A bonus exercise for the last week. Here is a recap of each summary of the 7 weeks’ system. You deserve a break after two months’ hardwork, so read ONE summary a day this week. Remind yourself of all you have achieved. You might need to revisit the different steps in full, just to make sure you haven’t missed anything.


WEEK ONE – Success Stories


1. Success stories show victory is on the horizon.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask success stories lots of questions.

3. Collect success stories and browse their journeys and photos.

4. Follow success stories to feed off their positivity.

5. Weekly motivation leads to success.


WEEK TWO – Personal Goals


1. Personal goals are life’s To Do list.

2. Personal goals must suit YOU, not others.

3. Personal goals should be broken down into an Action Plan.

4. Personal goals must be doable, rewarding, and flexible.

5. Personal goals can be linked with other people’s.


WEEK THREE – Support Networks


1. Team and solo work should co-exist.

2. Support networks provide expertise, accountability, inspiration, honesty, and a private place to vent.

3. Join, expand, and/or start a support group.

4. Active group members always succeed.

5. The best community leaders are active, visible, and dedicated.


WEEK FOUR – Motivational Notes


1. Write lots of notes.

2. Notes are quick, easy, and for everyone.

3. Keep notes everywhere.

4. Accept that notes come and go.

5. Writing notes should be fun!


WEEK FIVE – Motivational Collages


1. Motivation collages showcase success stories, goals, and quotes.

2. Don’t hide your collage. Display it with pride!

3. Make new collages when the time is right.

4. Quality collages, not quantity.

5. Expand your collages into a motivation book.


WEEK SIX – Progress Reports


1. Progress Reports show trends, past successes, and deadlines.

2. Spreadsheet software is easy to use and widely available.

3. Picture galleries are visually stimulating motivation.

4. Diaries are emotional motivation.

5. Combine spreadsheets, photos, and diaries to boost motivation!


WEEK SEVEN – Be Positive


1. Don’t overreact.

2. Negative thoughts are wrong.

3. Remember the good times.

4. Live and learn.

5. Be with positive people.


After 7 weeks of hard work, now you might be feeling a bit lost.

What now?


1. Start the 7 Weeks to Glory Motivation System again.

There is no shame in starting again. It’s been two months since you started! No wonder you’ve forgotten a week or two. Or maybe you forgot to maintain each week, so you need to start again e.g. you lost your motivation collage and need a new one. Because you’ve worked through the system before, feel free to read over all the steps again in one week. It’s just a reminder.

Unfortunately, there is another reason why people restart the system…Fear. A great way to conquer fear is by facing it. But fear holds you back. You’d rather re-read the system builder over and over instead of using the system to succeed. Remember, motivation is pointless without action.

2. Start working towards success.

Get going! Use all the tools you’ve created to succeed. When times are tough, use your system to keep yourself pumped for success. Remember, motivation is pointless without action. Act or you’ve wasted 7 weeks. Make sure your time was invested wisely.

3. Do nothing.

You might’ve done nothing since the start. Everything was too hard, too long, too easy, too expensive, too this, too that. So you’ll end just as you started-doing nothing. All this was a fun read, but you’re ready to move back to nothingness.

Or you made the effort by completing the system, but now it’s time to push harder and go further…you’ll do nothing.  Starting a support network is easier than maintaining one. Reading a success story is easier than becoming one. Setting goals is easier than achieving them.

So, back to nothingness.


Be somebody or be nobody.

Fail or succeed.

Do something or do nothing.

It’s up to you.