Meeting Your Goal Weight WON’T Change Your Life

Meeting Your Goal Weight WON’T Change Your Life

For months or years spent working hard towards your goal weight, you’ve pictured the day when you’d step on the scale and see that magic number. Finally, you’ll be able to start weight maintenance, and even sculpt your body by increasing your muscle definition.

A new wardrobe awaits, plus you’ll need some new shoes to match, of course. Your husband will take you to an expensive restaurant and order the very best on the menu. Your kids will be inspired by your weight loss or weight gain progress, so they’ll ace their exams and be on their best behaviour. Your boss tops off a fantastic day by offering you a promotion with perks like a brand new company car, all expenses paid, and extended annual holiday leave. When it seems like life can’t get any better, you win the lottery and jet off on a Caribbean cruise.  You mingle with A list Hollywood celebrities before cuddling up with your partner in the jacuzzi as fireworks spelling out ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ illuminate the night sky…Phew! Life is amazing now, isn’t it?

Meeting your goal weight will be the best day of your life, right? Everything will be amazing from now on, right? Yesterday you were ugly, but today you’ll step on the scale and be beautiful, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Sorry, but the day you meet your goal weight will be just like any other. You’ll step on the scale, see your goal weight number, and that’ll be it. You’ll still argue with your partner, still tell your kids off, still have to walk the dog every cold winter morning, still be treated the same at work, and still have to watch those calories and exercise to maintain your weight forever.

So what does change?

Your body; it’ll be toned and fitter. Your calorie intake; depending on whether you lost or gained fat, you’ll need to adjust how much you eat. Otherwise, everything unrelated to your weight will be the same. If you’re unhappy about other areas of your life then it’s time to fix them. The scale won’t do it for you.

Meeting your goal weight will provide a certain buzz because you’ve finally moved from fat loss or fat gain to weight maintenance, but that buzz won’t last forever. In fact, it might highlight the other areas of your life you’re uncomfortable or unhappy with, for example, saggy skin, smaller breasts, being treated differently after weight loss or gain, etc. Don’t be disheartened. Now you can begin another journey to improving you. Good luck, maintainer!