3 tips for washing natural hair

3 tips for washing natural hair

You might have horror stories about your mother/hairdresser washing your natural hair as a child. However, it was only painful or hours long because they were doing it wrong. Here are three tips for keeping your hair clean and healthy.

1. You could wash your hair whilst it’s styled, for example, twist your hair and wash the twists.

The same method works for plaits, cornrows, braids, etc. Or you could wash your hair loose. The loose option may lead to tangles for some, but it works for me as long as I don’t let my hair dry loose.

2. Apparently black people should not wash their hair too often otherwise it’ll fall out…That’s completely untrue.

There’s no need to wash your hair every couple of months or every time you relax your hair. Some people believe that washing the hair clears the pores to promote hair growth, and a clean scalp feels so refreshing. I wash my hair every two weeks now, so you should definitely try and wash your hair more often if you don’t already do so.

3. Curly/kinky hair is drier than straight hair so make sure you use a soap/shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair of its moisture. This is because it is easier for moisture to travel straight down a hair shaft than moving through twists and turns.

Natural products are the best option, but you can use commercial products. Before you buy them, Google the ingredients, especially the ones you’ve never heard of. Don’t take the company’s word for the nourishing properties. Find out if their claims are true for yourself. Visit the Maintenance section for my ‘shampoo’ of choice, African Black Soap.

I know you’ve probably spent years avoiding getting your hair wet so your press or relaxed hair doesn’t revert back, but it’s time to stop running from water. With natural hair, water is your best friend. In many cases natural hair is easier to manipulate when it’s wet, but remember to experiment to determine what your hair wants.