Weight Maintenance: 5 Steps to Start Maintaining Today!

Weight Maintenance: 5 Steps to Start Maintaining Today!

Have you heard about the 95% regain statistic? Apparently most people who lose weight end up regaining it all, and even more, within five years. This statistic originates from a study on only 100 people, but the figure seems to be pretty accurate. How else would the weight loss industry be worth over 500 billion dollars! The diet industry thrives off weight regain. If everyone who lost weight had successful weight maintenance, the industry would’ve died a hundred years ago. It didn’t. It’s bigger than ever.

But we can change that. By maintaining, you’ll be an inspiration to everyone losing weight today. Together we can bring the diet industry to its knees. All it takes is one person. That one person is you. By working through the five steps on this website, you can become a successful maintainer.

Step 1: Find the Best Weight Maintenance Support System

This step involves finding the right resources, tools and community. First, we’ll address what this website is all about. There’s even an exclusive letter from the diet industry! There are also healthy living quotes to boost your motivation before you read through the website.

Next you’ll find a maintenance support spreadsheet I set up myself. It’s free and you can download it today. It’s simple and easy to use on your computer. It’ll help you track your maintenance. There’s a guidebook included on the same page, so make sure you get them both!

If you prefer books, you can buy the entire website’s content in ebook and paperback format¬†through major retailers. There are several exclusive chapters in the book that aren’t available here. You don’t need the book, but it’s handy if you’re not near a computer. Read the book on the bus, train, church, weddings, etc. Anywhere and anyplace you feel weight maintenance is a struggle.

Lots of people join support groups to lose weight, but they forget their support system when it’s time to maintain. That’s why step 1 shares maintenance groups you can join for free today. The more accountable you are the better. You can’t maintain on your own.

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Step 2: Lose the Last 15 Pounds for the Last Time

Your body will fight back when it’s time to lose those last 15 pounds. Weight loss slows down at this point. That’s why you need to strengthen your mind before reaching maintenance. You’ll be tempted to slack off as you get closer to your goal, but don’t settle. You have a goal, and you will get there.

This step deals with common problems including weight loss plateaus and binge eating. I’ve also included personal articles sharing knowledge I learnt as I worked through the last 10 to 15 pounds. Once you’ve lost those last 15, it’s time to prepare for weight maintenance.

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Step 3: Start the Transition to Weight Maintenance

Reaching weight maintenance doesn’t mean you can put your feet up and relax. Now the real hard work begins. It only takes one step to switch off weight loss and turn on weight maintenance.

There are many factors you must consider before committing to maintenance. This step addresses issues including how to choose a maintenance range and signs you may not be ready to start maintaining your weight.

When you’ve planned your weight maintenance, it’s time to start maintaining. This isn’t the end of your fitness journey. This is the beginning.

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Step 4: Start Living the Weight Maintenance Lifestyle

Now you’re officially in weight maintenance mode! After achieving such an important goal, you deserve to celebrate. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, a lovely, figure-hugging dress or start planning a romantic getaway. How would you celebrate meeting your goal weight?

But you can’t stay up on cloud nine. Time to get back down to earth. This step addresses things to do in maintenance mode. Topics include how often to weigh yourself, buying new clothes on a budget, and a secret maintenance problem you don’t know about.

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have a weight problem if our relationship with food was perfect. We are going to fall off the wagon at some point. Everyone does. No one is perfect. That’s why you must prepare for setbacks. Get ready for all those times when you’re tempted to give up. Those times are coming…

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Step 5: Dealing with Relapse and Regain

It’s going to happen. You’re going to relapse and regain some weight. It might be a few pounds. It might be a clothes size or two. One moment can set you back weeks, months or years. Regaining all the weight I lost set me back almost a decade!

Read through this step BEFORE you relapse and regain. Don’t wait until it happens. Prevention is better than cure, right? Prevent regain so you won’t have to lose weight again and again and again. Topics faced in this section include overeating disorders, the connection between relapse and regain, and how to deal with the holiday season.

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Are you ready to take the first step?

Weight maintenance isn’t easy, but it’s doable. You’ve worked off countless pounds of fat. Just by reaching this point means you’re a success story. Now it’s time to take your health to another level. You’ve been running a race and the finish line is in sight, but once you cross the line a maintenance marathon begins. Weight loss is temporary. Weight maintenance is permanent.

Click away from this website and try maintaining by yourself. I guarantee you’ll easily fall back into old habits and regain the weight. Trust me. I’ve been there and done that. But, if you stay on guard and keep an eye on your weight then you too can be one of those 5% who maintain their weight forever.

Start right now.