What are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to?

Our motivation is always at its peak when we have something exciting to look forward to.  Of course having a stable frame of mind, hot, healthy body, and fantastic hair is great, but those goals are long term. What about right now?

Instead of waiting to celebrate weeks, months or years from now, find something to be excited about right now. It could be anything, big or small, private or public.

Here are some examples:

-seeing a loved one for afternoon lunch.

-a juicy treat at the end of the week when you have stayed within your calorie range all week.

-a spa treatment at the end of the month.

-new shoes/clothes if you meet your next goal on time.

Regularly getting excited and meeting goals will keep your motivation pumped. It is easier to keep your happiness peaked instead of having to drag yourself out of the doldrums. Always have something to look forward to, and try to choose something that is coming soon. Note the date on your calendar, mobile or set reminders as the time draws closer.

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